TVs Are Like Eggs

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Remember those see-saw studies about eggs? Apparently it applies to TVs too.

Does television rot children’s brains? A new study by two economists from the University of Chicago taps into a trove of data from the 1960’s to argue that when it comes to academic test scores, parents can let children watch TV without fear of future harm.

As a TV addict while growing up, I can appreciate this study even more. If not for TV, I wouldn’t have learned the quirks of the English language. I wouldn’t have seen Ernie playing with his rubber duckie in the tub. I wouldn’t have learned all Shaolin martial arts moves and Ninja paraphernalias. My puberty wouldn’t had been awakened by that classic Phoebe Cates scene by the pool. Ahh yes, here’s to the idiot box that made this idiot a little more whole. Just beware of the programming salmonella that the popculture is feeding you. Somehow I think that studies on gaming will be favorable too.

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