Cynical Optimist On Dopamine Overload

One of my readers reacted to one of my blues compositions.

Greetings Not-So-Coolmel,

i thought you’re an optimist. but the lyrics in your “Dopamine Overload” song paints a different picture of you. its’not cool. it’s WEIRD. what will you think if someone addresses that song to you?

– Cynical Optimist

Dear Cynical Optimist,

I admire your optimistic cynicism. I think you’re the only one who even cared to read the lyrics. But here’s how I look at it:

  • Dopamine Overload is a “blues” song, therefore it’s not all about being “happy and gay.”
  • It was inspired by a National Geographic article which explored different scientific explanations on how romantic relationships lose their feiry passions overtime.
  • If you read and listen between the lines and hear me perform the song, it’s actually a bluesy optimistic song. One lover pleading another to “fake it till you [/i/we] make it.” Hopeless? Romantic? Desperate? Mad? You be the judge.
  • It don’t think it’s gonna happen to me and/or you. I promise.

Thank you for reading my blog.