Why The Theory of Evolution is Freakin’ Partial (Part 2)

Again, because Scott Adams says so:

…I will de-anthropomorphize my argument and see if that helps.
1. Photons exist.
2. Photons travel at the speed of light.
3. According to Einstein, from the perspective of an object traveling at the speed of light, there is no change for the rest of the universe.
4. If there is no change, there is no evolution happening anywhere in the universe as far as the photon’s reality.
5. The photon itself would not evolve either. They don’t do that sort of thing.
6. Therefore, evolution is not completely true because it’s not true for all components of the universe. It is only completely true to slow, dense people.

Ken Wilber’s arguments on evolution may have some merits. But humor always trumps highfalutin philosophical jargons.