Strength, Vitality, Transcendence

Whoah! Shawn the man was featured on Integral Naked while I was on vacation in Manila eating and drinking stuff that would clog every artery in my body. Ahhh, good stuff. It’s good to be back and resume with my strength-training. Maybe I’ll give this FIT a try.

As Shawn and Ken discuss, the benefits of FIT extend far beyond the physical body. One reason for this is that the body is not simply the “foundation” of the rest of your experience, it is the exterior of the rest of your experience. All states of emotion, mind, and consciousness rely on the support of gross, subtle, and causal bodies. Because FIT activates and strengthens all three bodies, it helps to stimulates growth across the entire spectrum of human consciousness, from motor skills, to emotional intelligence, to intuition of an ultimate reality.