Rebecca Blood’s Bloggers on Blogging

Rebecca Blood, the blogger who inspired me to blog with passion and compassion, has an ongoing series of interviews with A-list pioneer bloggers. Here’s an excerpt from the David Weinberger interview.

For me, a community is a group of people who care about one another more than they have to. I do feel part of an ever-changing community of bloggers and readers. That’s not to say that everyone who ever glanced at my blog is part of that community. But there are people I’ve come to know over the years either through their blog or through their comments on my blog. Some of them mean a lot to me. And this is not a binary club that you’re either in or out of. It’s far smudgier than that, as it should be. There are blogs I read that I feel emotionally attached to written by bloggers I don’t know personally but about whom I’ve come to care. I’m more than a reader of them but less than a community member. It’s an extension of the attachment we feel to favorite printosphere writers, but the blogging world is more intimate and less guarded.

Check them out. And when you’re done, check out the niche cryptic fluffy bloggers on B-SCAN.

Thanks to Caterina for the heads up.