Civility in Blogging

When I started to think about what I wanted to speak about today, the phrase “civility in blogging” kept on popping into my head. When I say “civility in blogging,” I’m basically referring to the demeanor or the desired demeanor that we conduct ourselves when we’re blogging. Civility is a difficult concept to speak about without sounding preachy or condemning. I don’t want to give a lecture today on civility — God only knows that my coworkers would laugh to hear me talk about politeness. Instead of lecturing, I really just have a simple question: Can we as bloggers be more civil?

Just read this speech Mena gave on Les Blogs. It was brave of her to bring up this topic. Civility in blogging — I would love that! But alas, it’s like asking everyone in a big family to behave on the dining table. Not everyone are on the same level of maturity (e.g. kids, teenagers, senile folks) hence everyone will behave at their (sigh) level of development (foodfight anyone?). Nothing bad there. No conspiracy. It’s just is. Now think globally and give everyone the power to spill their guts out online and then ask for civility, you see my point? Of course this shouldn’t stop those who are at the higher level of understanding (read: mature) to call for a change for the better, and actually do something. And let’s not forget the responsibility of the readers too.

Blogging is here and is evolving in hyperspeed, and with it carries humanity’s good and not-so-good side. I’m on Mena’s side on this one, but I don’t see any quick solution to this, well, except maybe for those A-list bloggers (and the like), who wield more power than us lowly bloggers, to be not only passionate and civil, but especially to be more compassionate with their expressions.

Utopias are greatuntil people start moving in.” Amen to that!

[ps. when the president of my blog-tool of choice speaks her mind candidly like this, i know that i’m in good hands.]