Cross-sensory Perception

if i can taste the rays of light,
relish the flavors of the stars,
will it be sweet, will it be sour,
can it be savored from afar?

if i can see a classic tune,
watch the splendor of progressing scales,
will it be bright, can it be pictured,
can face of silence be ever captured?

if i can hear the taste of wine,
delight in melody of luscious meals,
will it be blues, will it be jazzy,
can music fill my hungry belly?

if i can touch the smell of flowers,
feel the fragrance of summer breeze,
will it be rough, will it be smooth,
can sweet aroma rub my foot?

if i can smell the sense of gladness,
sniff the pain and mild caress,
will it be foul, will it be scented,
can i inhale and be contented?

at times i couldn’t help but wonder,
how contrary the world could be,
to look reality in the eye,
perceive the things we cannot see.

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