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To Conservatives and Liberals: It’s the Black Swan, Stupid!

As I write this Washington Mutual had just collapsed–”the largest bank failure in American history”–and the bailout talks just ended in chaos. Swell. I’m ignorant when it comes to the complexity of economics. But it seems to me that there are plenty of blame to go around: government, banks, and people who took loans they […]

The Serendipitous Prophet of Boom and Doom

There’s an excellent author profile of Nassim Nicholas Taleb on The Sunday Times. I recommend checking it out. Thanks to Whence Bohemia? for the heads up! According to Sunday Times, “Taleb is now the hottest thinker in the world.” I believe so too. Taleb is on my top list of t(h)inkers. I’m no good with […]

Application of Black Swan to Theology

Here are two theological blogs grooving on the “skeptical empiricism” championed in The Black Swan. via The Presbeterian Polis: Theory-based or Experienced based “Does this mean that all theology is wrong-headed. No. It simply means that theoretical systems are idealistic human creations that seek to create a coherent perspective based on a selection of ideas […]