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On Integral Civics and the Fallacy of the “Lesser Evil”

It’s Presidential election season. And, this time, I refuse to choose between the “lesser of two evils.” I cautiously voted for Pres. Obama in 2008. He didn’t have much experience back then. But, like most people, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Now that there are public records on what kind of President […]

It’s official: Hello, President Obama!

I’m at home watching the 2009 Presidential Inauguration on TV, on MSNBC live, and on CNN/Facebook online. The wave of excitement and optimism makes me feel like playing Sting’s Brand New Day. It certainly feels that way. Godspeed, Mr. President. Make it so.

Obama Mandala

via Alex Grey’s Obama – Anatomy of a World Leader “Perhaps you can use this symbol of Barack Obama to send him a prayer of support, to send all the loving hopeful healing and creative energy that we can focus on him so that he can perform the task of leadership in the most effective […]