Bitcoin is a Protocol. Currency is Its First Killer App.

A couple of weeks ago I jumped into the Bitcoin bandwagon. As soon as I hit “publish” on my blog the demons of fiat money and central banking casted an evil spell and crashed the value of Bitcoin. Way to go, China

My timing sucked. Although I did some dollar cost-averaging by buying Bitcoins whenever (I think) the value goes down, I’m still down by about 25%. My break even point right now is at $857.

Having said that, I don’t regret going into Bitcoin. I did my homework before I took the plunge. I’m aware of the risks and hyper volatility of this unprecedented global IPO. I’m aware that it’s a bet. It’s a bet against the Powers That Be (i.e. nation states, central banks). I’m prepared to lose everything I put in. Yes, it will sting a bit. But I’m still bullish on Bitcoin because I’m convinced that its technical fundamentals are strong — peer-to-peer open source cryptography driven by democratic anti-authoritarian idealogy. An idea whose time has come.
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#Bitcoin or Bust!

#Bitcoin or Bust!

It’s official. I’ve jumped into the Bitcoin bandwagon. I’ve heard of Bitcoin a couple years ago but I was too dense to notice its significance. That’s why I’m still kicking myself for almost missing out on this technological revolution. As Tony Soprano said, “It’s good to be in something from the ground floor.” I may have missed the Bitcoin ground floor, but I’m definitely now on board on this runaway freight train.

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No, Mr. President. We don’t want another Dirty War!

Mr. President, don't make us grumpy. You won't like us when we're grumpy.

Mr. President, don’t make us grumpy. You won’t like us when we’re grumpy.

Why is the U.S. so gung-ho and bloodthirsty in attacking Syria? If your answer is to prevent al-Assad from massacring his own people with chemical weapons, then I hate to burst your bubble of naïveté.

Here’s the thing: wars are almost always waged *not* for humanitarian reasons. Aside from it being a sophisticated money laundering scheme used by the sociopathic elites, wars are almost always about *control of resources* and *strategic global financial dominance*.

For the past week I’ve been ranting my heart out on Facebook and other social media sites about my opposition to the impending military intervention on Syria knowing full well that I can rant all day long but it won’t amount to anything other than me feeling better for making my opinions known to the public (as well as to the NSA cyber-snoopers). So I’ve decided to not only rant but also do my civic duty as an American citizen of this great nation which was hijacked by sociopathic elites in the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex.

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Touch the Groove of My Kickass Dharma Mix

I’ve been playing around with TRAKTOR DJ for iPad for a few weeks now. I love this application. It rekindled my passion for mixing music. To practice my remix chops I’ve created a series of dharma mix featuring my kick ass dharma teacher, Shinzen Young, remixed with some of my favorite music. It’s my way of expressing my gratitude to his crisp, concise, and no-nonsense approach to the dharma. It’s also my own way of paying it forward and passing it along to those who are ready to take in the message.

Below are the music tracks. If you enjoy listening to it, please share it with others and spread them far and wide. This is ~DJC4Chaos signing off. Take care and godspeed.


1. A Complete Experience of Paradise City

2. Waking Up to the Activity Called “You”

3. Enlighten Up

4. Meet Me Halfway on the Pathless Land

5. Creepy Intermediate Realms

6. 21 Guns In the Realms of Power

7. True Colors of a Peaceful Mind


P.S. Thanks to my FB buddy Scott for the reminder. We’ll share the good karma, bro 🙂


UPDATE 8/24/13: Here’s a bonus track. Coz I just have to remix Shinzen with this awesome song by Muse that’s why. So pump up the volume and touch the groove of this kickass dharma.


#Restorethe4th EPIC Thread

Here’s my EPIC thread contribution to the #Restorethe4th protest.


I’ve been following the EPIC NSA leak story since it broke out. I have woven three EPIC threads in the process. For those who are on Facebook check out the following links:

EPIC Thread #1: Orwell is right

EPIC Thread #2: Edward Snowden: Badass Hero

EPIC Thread #3: Glenn Greenwald: Badass

As of this writing the NSA leak scandal has turned into an action-packed International Chess game at the Casino Royale. This story is (and has always been) bigger than Snowden or any other personality. This story is even bigger than the NSA. This story is about the leviathan power structure of global surveillance–the center of it is the U.S. National Security State.  This has happened before, and it will happen again. Here’s my bottom line take on this issue.


The Idealist in me is hoping that a sweeping reform of the Global Intelligence Community will be a result of the fallout of the Snowden NSA/GCHQ leaks.

BUT the Cynical Realist in me doesn’t see any reform or progress in the foreseeable future.

We’ve been here before since the revelation of ECHELON and numerous whistleblowers who had exposed the dirty secrets of the National Security/Surveillance State. Yet nothing has changed. Actually, there were changes, big technological changes which further improved the capability and efficiency of global snooping between nations directed at their citizens.

Orwell was right. The Powers That Be will continue to stamp their boots on our collective faces as technology exponentially advances. That’s the nature of the Power Structure. It is what it is: A hydra-like leviathan; slay one head and out pops another — stronger, fiercer, bigger, angrier.

If you think I’m being uber-cynical, I hope you’re right. But history gives me a license to be bitter and hopeless. (See article by William Blum below for context.)

When all is said and done, we’re better off working on our own personal salvation, or just continue to wallow in blissful ignorance, all the while loving and serving one another with the best of intentions, as much as we can.

William Blum on Edward Snowden and ECHELON

Eavesdropping on the planet

The above is the title of an essay that I wrote in 2000 that appeared as a chapter in my book Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower. Here are some excerpts that may help to put the current revelations surrounding Edward Snowden into perspective …

Can people in the 21st century imagine a greater invasion of privacy on all of earth, in all of history? If so, they merely have to wait for technology to catch up with their imagination.



That’s all for now. Have a Happy Fourth of July.