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Global Gaia Gathering @ the Emerald City

(Crossposted from ~C4Chaos @ Gaia) Just got back from the Gaia gathering here in the Seattle area (more accurately, Kirkland WA where I live). There were five of us in the group. As you can see in the photo we had a cozy and fun gathering (even if we’re camera shy). You might be wondering […]

2 x 15 + 5 = iPhone 3G

I finally got my iPhone 3G today. I can’t believe that there was still a long line! We stood in line for a couple of hours just to buy one. Gah, I should’ve gotten one during launch. Thanks to AT&T I had to wait for another two weeks. Ah well, at least I’ve got one […]

@ iPhone 3G Launch

4th of July

Red, White, and Blues this 4th of July