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Embracing Death With Compassion This Election Season

But as the daylight succumbs to darkness, And as the Stars exhaust their radiance, Life bestowed returns to blankness, The Law of Existence knows no defiance… ~Life Bestowed Today is All Souls’ Day. In the Christian tradition it is the day when the souls of the faithful departed are commemorated. Serendipitously, it is two days […]

Global Gaia Gathering @ the Emerald City

(Crossposted from ~C4Chaos @ Gaia) Just got back from the Gaia gathering here in the Seattle area (more accurately, Kirkland WA where I live). There were five of us in the group. As you can see in the photo we had a cozy and fun gathering (even if we’re camera shy). You might be wondering […]

Paper or Plastic? Bring Your Own!

@ iPhone 3G Launch

4th of July