OccuPIE @ Occupy Seattle

Corporations are not peopleMe and my little one stopped by downtown on Sunday afternoon to drop off some pizza as a token of our support for the people participating in Occupy Seattle. For more than a couple of weeks now I’ve been expressing my support for Occupy Wall Street in New York. But my support was only expressed online. So today I’ve finally expressed my support with my physical presence in my own neck of the woods. (See photos).

The Occupy protest in downtown Seattle was peaceful and orderly. There were police presence but there were no tensions. The gathering was organized. The environment was clean. The people were respectful and cheerful. The only disturbance in the usual downtown noise were the honking of cars expressing their approval of the protest signs held by the protesters on the side of the street. 

I don’t consider myself an activist. I’m not even that interested in politics. In fact, this is my first time to support a protest of any kind. However, there is something big happening here and I want to be part of it, no matter how small my participation is. I brought my 19-month old son with me so he could be a part of it as well. I believe that when my son is old enough to understand the relevance of the occupy meta-movement he will appreciate that he and his father were there, even for a brief moment, to express solidarity with the people who are on the right side of history.

Here’s to the shift that is currently sweeping the nation, and the world. May all beings be free and may happiness be.

P.S. A revolution without laughing is not a revolution worth having. So here’s something to make us laugh. It’s funny coz it’s true. ~ Bill Maher on Occupy Wall Street [New Rules]

P.P.S. Like many people who are feeling that there’s something big happening and that there’s a shift that’s occurring, I’m also wondering, Where do we go from here?

Where Do We Go From Here? Occupy Wall St. from Ed David on Vimeo.

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