2,784 Posts = Eight Years Occupying this Rabbit Hole

Today is the eight year anniversary of this blog. My regular posting has slowed down but my (hyper)streaming is as hyper as ever on Facebook and Twitter (but not on Google+). I’ve occupied this virtual space in cyberspace for eight years now, but today, I’d like to share this space with the people around the country and around the world who are occupying space in the “real” world protesting the injustice of corrupt government and wayward (crony) capitalism.

George Lakoff said: “Frame yourselves before others frame you.” So here’s my own way of framing the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Why Occupy Wall Street? You Be the Jury

#OccupyWallStreet: Four-Point+ Plan to Save America

And for those who are still confused about what Occupy Wall Street is all about, I’d like to share this video of Micah White from Ad Busters. He really nailed it and put it very succinctly. If after watching this, and you still don’t get it, go out there on the streets and talk to the protesters so you can learn what it’s all about firsthand.

Godspeed to all the protesters. Thank you for your courage in putting democracy in action.