“The Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder” is ignored by mainstream media

I’m not surprised that the book, The Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder by Vincent Bugliosi, is being ignored by mainstream media, getting the blackout treatment.The title alone is controversial enough. And besides, it’s election season. So this subject is very touchy for both the Left and the Right.

"Bugliosi, in a recent interview by telephone from his home in Los
Angeles, said he had expected some pushback from the mainstream media
because of the subject matter – the book lays a legal case for holding
Bush "criminally responsible" for the deaths of American soldiers in
Iraq – but did not expect a virtual blackout.

"His publisher and publicist said they expected Bugliosi’s
credentials to ensure coverage. He is, after all, fairly mainstream.
His last book, a 1,612-page doorstop on the Kennedy assassination,
"Reclaiming History," which was published last year, sought to debunk
the conspiracy theorists and is being made into a 10-hour miniseries by
HBO and the actor Tom Hanks.

"Bugliosi said that bookers for cable television, where he has made
regular appearances to promote books, have ignored his latest offering.
MSNBC and Comedy Central were two outlets Bugliosi thought would show
interest, but neither did.

""They are not responding at all," he said. "I think it all goes back
to fear. If the liberal media would put me on national television, I
think they’d fear that they would be savaged by the right wing. The
left wing fears the right, but the right does not fear the left."" [read more]

But in fairness to MSNBC, I discovered this book on the Morning Joe program (watch the video here).

Notice how irritated and defensive Joe Scarborough was even with the evidence presented by Bugliosi. Bugliosi also managed to receive some airtime on CNN.

I’m hoping that the book gets the attention that it deserves on the Internet (blogosphere, social networks, etc.) so that the mainstream media would have no choice but to pay
attention. I’m looking forward to see Bugliosi on Charlie Rose, Larry King Live, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, O’Reilly Factor, Hanniy & Colmes,
The Situation Room, The Daily Show, and Colbert Report. In the meantime, you can watch an exclusive video of Bugliosi on Hot Potato Mash.

In other news, the impeachment resolution marches on, but the mainstream media is ignoring it too. Ah, well.

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