Microblogging and A Whole Lotta Linking!

finally saw The Dark Knight. the agent of chaos stole the show. Batman stole Spidey’s box office record – http://bit.ly/4t4Udo

Dear friends and visitors: Just want to let you know that even though I’m not blogging on my main rabbit hole, I’m out there in cyberspace microblogging and doing a whole lotta linking. If you’re interested to follow and share stuff with me, below are the links. Thanks!

Microblogging: http://twitter.com/c4chaos / http://coolmel.gaia.com/status

A whole lotta linking: http://friendfeed.com/c4chaos / http://coolmel.gaia.com/activity

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  1. […] However, in the past few weeks, my attention had shifted away from blogging. This shift is reflected on my latest site re-design and my switch to WordPress (see Swallowed my blog in a single gulp!). This shift happened when I signed up on Friendfeed and had bought an iPhone. For instance, I’ve never used Twitter that much until I had an iPhone. SMS is very expensive here in the U.S. and mobile web browsing was a joke until mobile Safari (via iPhone) came along. Since then my blogging had slowed down, but my microblogging and FF activities exploded with a whole lotta linking! […]