The Dysfunctional Unity of the Democratic Party

Jack Cafferty riffs on the Obama and Clinton unity. Here’s a key quote:

"But how close-knit is this family really? The fact is each is forced
to rely on the other as the general election ramps up. Obama needs
Clinton to help convince her supporters to vote for him in November.
And Clinton needs help in paying down her campaign debt, plus she wants
to know that she’ll be treated as a top surrogate throughout the
campaign and at the convention.

"Fine, but there are sticking points. Aides describe the relationship
as one that’s “slowly thawing” with a lot of unanswered questions. As
we told you in the Cafferty File yesterday – they’re reportedly using a
high-powered Washington attorney to negotiate some of these issues.

"And then there’s Bill. The former president and Obama have not
spoken since Obama wrapped up the nomination. Wouldn’t you think the
last sitting Democratic president might want to talk to the party’s
presumptive nominee? There may be less here than meets the eye."

Exactly. I think it’s time for Bill to swallow his pride. In the meantime, Dave Winer says to Obama: "I’m not an ATM."