Fashion Security Risks

Next time you plan on wearing cool t-shirts at the airport, think again.

"London Heathrow security stopped someone from boarding a plane for wearing a Transformers T-shirt showing a cartoon gun." (via Schneier on Security)

Yep. I could relate to this. My very small Swiss Army keychain "knife" which had been with me for as long as I could remember got confiscated at the airport. My bad. I forgot to check it in. I also lost a brand new Banana Republic perfume because it was bigger than the allowable liquid in a carry on. Bummer. I love that smell. But I bear no grudges with airport security. It’s a tough (and thankless) job.

That said, I’d be really pissed if the keffiyeh makes it on the list of fashion security risks. Not that I’m planning to wear one.