The First Cyborgs Will Be the Disabled

"The first cyborgs will be the disabled," says one insightful commenter on Wired’s Gadget Lab blog featuring Dean Kamen’s robotic arm invention.

"Dean Kamen showed some video of the impressive, mind-controlled
prosthetic robot arm he’s invented today at D6 in Carlsbad. Kamen has
been showing the arm off since early 2007, usually via video clips like
what he showed today. But today’s demonstration at D6 was impressive enough that it’s got the gadget blogs and the Twitterverse all aflutter today." [read more and check out the videos]

Although I do believe that we humans are natural-born cyborgs, I agree with the above comment.  It would be the disabled who will first benefit from human-machine  integration. And they will rock our world.

Here’s Kamen previewing the robotic arm at TED.