Re: The New Atheists @ WIE

Previously, I ranted a bit about WIE’s featured article on the New Atheists. It was a pleasant surprise that I got a response from WIE writers — Carter (one of the authors of the article) and Tom.

said: "We’ve received a few letters criticizing our “view from
15,000ft” take on the new atheists, but to be honest, that’s all it was
ever meant to be, which is why we called it a “field guide” on the
cover and in the ToC blurb – and an “entertaining” one at that! :)"

point. In fairness to WIE, I did get the impression that the featured
article was not meant as a detailed take on the New Atheists. But that
was partly the reason for my disappointment. I’ve been wanting to see a
more integral take on the New Atheists and I was expecting it from WIE
(e.g. the excellent WIE issue on the Evolution Debate). Maybe in future issues? 😉

See the comment thread on my Gaia blog for the rest of the discussion.

Thanks to Carter and Tom for their time and attention.