Obama Takes North Carolina

Barack Obama delivers another inspiring and humbling speech after taking North Carolina. His focus is now to take on John McCain while calling for unity to heal the divide within the Democratic party. He even prematurely congratulated Hillary Clinton for winning Indiana (as of this writing Indiana is still too close to call with Clinton leading by 4%).

In any case, Obama’s victory in North Carolina (and the tight race in Indiana) could very well seal his nomination. The big question now is: Will Clinton have the humility to end the race early, and then eventually run with Obama as Vice-President to ensure their victory over the Republican party?

That said, I’ll go ahead and call this election as early as now. Whoever wins the Democratic primary will be the next President of the United States. I have a soft spot for Clinton because of her stance on universal health care. But Barack Obama looks more like a fit U.S. President in a Post-American world.