Changing the World from the Inside Out

Just want to give a shout out to EnlightenNext’s upcoming 6-hour internet audio broadcast, happening tomorrow, May 31, featuring Andrew Cohen in dialogue with Ken Wilber, Deepak Chopra, and other guests. Schedule details and free registration here.

Siona (Director of Gaia Community) will be one of the guests during the broadcast. Nice.

I also just noticed that Linus Roache will be in the broadcast. Very interesting. If you don’t know Linus Roache then you’re probably not watching Law and Order, which is a shame because the program rocks! But if you’re a big fan of Batman you might remember that Roache played the very serene Thomas Wayne (Bruce Wayne’s dad) in Batman Begins.

Anyway, I’ll try to make some time to check out this event tomorrow. Hopefully, they make the audio archive freely available too, in case I miss it.