SiCKO: Deleted Scenes from Utopia

I’m still high from watching SiCKO. I’m flabbergasted why the U.S. can’t pull its act together when it comes to universal health care as a basic right of its citizens. Moral hazard my ass.

The deadly dance of politicians, big business, media, and uninformed citizens continue to perpetrate the mess of the American health care system. Among the top issues in the 2008 Presidential election, universal health care is arguably more important than Iraq, or even Global Warming. There’s a reason why Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation chose health issues as its top priority. It’s just the most ethical thing to do. Too bad Dennis Kucinich doesn’t stand a chance of winning this election. He’s the only presidential candidate who is ballsy enough to take on this very important issue. Here’s what Kucinich has to say about it.

For those who think that the benefits of universal health care in Canada, Britain, France, and Cuba were grossly over-hyped in the documentary SiCKO, well, here’s another industrialized country which was deleted from the movie. Because it’s just too good to be true.

"This is a scene from Michael Moore’s movie Sicko about Health Care that
Michael Moore decided to remove from Sicko because no one would believe
it. There were many TV News hour hosts that were making fun of Michael
Moore, calling his documentaries names, such as "a cartoon" (that one
was directed at Sicko directly by some random wannabe doctor), or
telling their audiences that Michael Moore is dead wrong because the
health care in France, Canada and the UK is terrible. Then the other
host calls Sicko "a terrible propaganda" saying that Michael Moore is
not even any good, blah blah.

"Based on those attacks against his
person and the movie, Michael Moore decided to remove one of the scenes
he had filmed and formerly intended for it to be a part of Sicko. It
was the scene about Norway. The country that shines much brighter than
Canada or any other country when it comes not only to health care, but
also any other care for their citizens. Michael Moore knew they
couldn’t handle it, scene about France itself seemed too good to be
true, so he decided to remove the scene about Norway from Sicko

I’m now dreaming of visiting Norway.

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