Today (March 30) is “Stop Cyberbullying Day”

Andy Carvin said: "This Friday – March 30th – has been declared Stop Cyberbullying Day –
by me. I’m hoping to get as many people, bloggers and nonbloggers
alike, talking about cyberbullying, because it’s spinning out of
control. Just ask blogger Kathy Sierra."

"The sad thing about all of this is that it took this long for so much
of the blogosphere to be talking about cyberbullying. Apart from the
education community, you don’t often hear bloggers condemning the
practice. In fact, if you were to judge the Internet purely on the
discourse that takes place on certain political blogs and social news
sites, you might be excused if you drew the conclusion that we’re just
a bunch of cruel barbarians."

"Perhaps the most constructive response is to talk about it. To
get everyone talking about it. We only seem to talk about cyberbullying
in education circles or in the aftermath of a school shooting. But
between the headlines, it happens every day, probably thousands of
times a day. And it has to stop."

"For starters, we need this to be a bigger conversation. That’s why I
decided to unilaterally declare this Friday as Stop Cyberbullying Day.
What does it mean? I leave that up to you. Generally, though, I think
we should all set aside some time that day to address cyberbullying."

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Exactly. So, let me echo Dogbert, and say:


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Thankfully, in my three+ years of blogging, I haven’t encountered a cyber-bully. I’d like it to stay that way.

Hmmm. Since To Catch a Predator is all the rage now, maybe someone out there could do, To Catch a Cyberbully (and then slap them silly).

Seriously, cyber-bulllying is no joke. So let’s all be mindful of the things we do in cyberspace, as much as we can.

For more resources on how to stop cyber-bullying see:

P.S. But I agree with Michelle Malkin,

“’There is a time to be tolerant and there is a time to draw lines. If you don’t draw those lines, bullies will be emboldened.’”

is my unsolicited advice to those now cowering in the face of anonymous
commenters and assorted nutballs who will never go away."

"Keep blogging. Don’t cut and run.”

So, if (ethical) blogging is your passion, let no demons of stupidity stop you.