And Yet Another Global Warming Debunking…

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If you’re still not sick and tired of all this global warming / climate change lemon-eating debates, check out this video. Worth watching. Highly recommended.

The Great Global Warming Swindle

you green? How many flights have you taken in the last year? Feeling
guilty about all those unnecessary car journeys? Well, maybe  … there’s
no need to feel bad. According to a group of scientists brought
together by documentary-maker Martin Durkin, if the planet is heating
up, it isn’t your fault and there’s nothing you can do about it. We’ve
almost begun to take it for granted that climate change is a man-made
phenomenon. But just as the environmental lobby think they’ve got our
attention, a group of naysayers have emerged to slay the whole premise
of global warming.”

Thanks to Diana for the link. I think she’s right: “…the big WWW! Great place to get informed, great place to get confused.”

If you want to get confused some more, check out the Real Climate debunking the debunkers. Like I said, so much lemon-eating!

My take:
I think it’s better to act *as if* global warming is real. There are more
pressing economic, ethical, and political reasons to find alternative
and sustainable sources of energy.

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Somehow, I can see Michael Crichton smiling right now. I’m smiling too because of the title of this Independent Online Climate change article 🙂

UPDATE: If you want more perspectives on this controversial Channel 4 program, check out Climate Denial: The Great Channel 4 Swindle. Ah, well.