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The word is out. Grace and Grit is set to be adapted as a movie, with Jennifer Aniston already signed up to play Treya. Kim Voynar at Cinematical has a cool article about it with a cool title: Jennifer Aniston Getting Friendly With Ken Wilber. Yep, Jennifer is a good choice for the role of Treya. She’s one of the good underrated actress out there. I want to see her shine on this one. Preferrably, without her gorgeous locks.

I’ve read Grace and Grit years ago, alone in my studio apartment while I was lying on a carpeted floor. This book is very emotional, and philosophically and spiritually deep. I think there were parts of the book when I actually had tears in my eyes. There, I said it.

This is the second book I read by Ken Wilber. I jumped to this book after reading A Brief History of Everything. That book floored my intellectual capacity during that time. I wanted to know more about the man, but more of his personal side rather than the intellectual and philosophical persona. So I picked up Grace and Grit instead, and then I had some understanding of the man behind the theories. I got a glimpse of his humanity and I’ve gotten to know a wonderful human being named Treya.

But the real question is: Who the heck would play Ken Wilber in the movie?

Since the book is very emotional I think they should get actors who could really act. Assuming they have the budget for these actors, here are my picks:

Russell Crowe — his role on A Beautiful Mind would be a cool portrayal of the uber-geeky side of Wilber

Tom Hanks — no question, Tom is an awesome actor. and after his role in The Da Vinci Code, he could use a good haircut, er, bald head.

Edward Norton — is also a cool pick. his role in American History X where he shaved his head reminds me of a young Wilber.

Sean Penn — i think he’s the best actor of them all on this list. he’s a very emotional dude. he can put the much needed emotional power punch on this movie.

Hugh Jackman — i think this dude is close when it comes to Wilber’s physique. just shave his head, put a cool designer eye glasses on his face and he’ll be a dead ringer for Wilber.

Patrick Stewart — if only he’s a couple of decades younger. let’s reserve him for One Taste the movie.

Woody Harrelson — i don’t know. you tell me.

Brad Pitt — he’s also a good actor and i think he has no problem shaving his head. he also did a lot of indie films like Jennifer. so i think that’s the perfect
combination. the press coverage alone would make this movie a big hit. LOL.

But anyway, I really hate to speculate so I decided to do some fishing from the man himself. So I asked Ken who he thinks would be the best actor to play him in the movie. Here’s what he has to say:

Lord, I don’t know. Kristin’s (Jen A’s partner) first choice is Johnny Depp, but that doesn’t really work for me.  But I am fundamentally just standing back from all of this, following Michael Crichton’s advice to me:

"Advice from a much-experienced person: have no hopes at all.  Au contraire, expect the final picture to be a disaster, an outrage, and a horrible embarrassment.  Then, if by some amazing chance it is not, you will be delightfully surprised."

Yah, you can quote this.  kw

Yep. I think Michael Crichton is right. I’ve read Timeline and it was awesome. But the movie sucked big time.

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