Enlightenment by Serendipity

serendipity – the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.

The concept of enlightenment still bogs me down. Yeah, I’m literate with all the second-hand descriptions by different spiritual traditions, accounts by modern lay people, and out-of-this-world tales from some forgotten time. But to their own admission, a number of those people became "enlightened" by chance, accident, or whatnot. Even those who pursued a dedicated spiritual practice and had glimpses of "enlightenment" proclaimed that there’s no effort to be done. Yeah right.

Yet there are also those who had dedicated their lives to the spiritual path, but still weren’t fortunate enough to get "enlightened." Oriental and Occidental sutras are filled with stories of criminals, prostitutes, and lay people who attained liberation through "chance" encounters with certain masters, or with no apparent causation at all. And there’s also the concept of Karma, and the Christian concept of Grace. Personally, I like this metaphor better: "enlightenment is an accident, meditation makes you more accident-prone." I wonder what other practices can make one accident-prone. But my question is: Why do we want to get enlightened? Who wants to get enlightened? I know I do. But who am I-I? Screw this, and THAT! It’s serendipity all the way up, all the way down.

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